disclaimer: i obviously don’t own a CP above, i wish i owned one lol

A quick rundown of the platforms I have used so far for buying coins (from alts to mainstream), transferring to wallets, and NFT purchasing.

Step 1: Purchasing to hold or transfer

I found Coinbase to be extremely intuitive w/ an exhaustive list of assets and features (including staking) and Wealthsimple has just switched from a custodial model to hosting wallets (which sits beside their low-cost trading platform, which for me, was a nice way to see both my traditional ETF, Equities etc. alongside my Crypto holdings).

Step 2: Transfer to a wallet (Chrome extensions)

I use Phantom for SOL and MetaMask for ETH.

Step 3: NFT Purchasing

Use your wallet to authenticate and purchase on marketplaces, I use Solsea for SOL and Opensea for ETH. Although lately w/ ENS Domains hitting ATH’s, gas fees are subsequently barriers for any ETH transaction.